Inter-industrial Physician
Medical Services

Welcome to IPMSI

Inter-industrial Physician Medical Services, Inc. (IIPMSI) is an industrial clinic that caters to the need of the patients whether on private capacity or as employees or dependents of the company it serves.


Founded on July 1978, IIPMSI has earned the distinction of being one of the most efficient and principled medical service-oriented companies in Manila. More than two decades later, IIPMSI has continued to specialize in Industrial Medicine, utilizing the latest technologies and facilities that benefit everybody’s needs.


Backed by an assemblage of competent specialist and affiliated with numerous leading HMOs, IIPMSI is the ideal company to go for those annual physical examination, pre-employment, medical or city health requirements, company consultations and even personal medical welfare. It is a duly accredited clinic of the Paranaque City Health Department.


IIPMSI also prides itself for their strict standards in sample analysis and has maintained the integrity of result turnout. Various clients, past and present have attested to the accuracy, efficiency and promptness of data resulting from varied laboratory, medical and dental examinations performed.


A virtual one-step medical services company, IIPMSI aims to continue providing quality and competent services while continuing to grow strong as one of the pioneers in the medical service community.

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